What do tryouts consist of?
Tryouts consist of you getting in to the ring, feeling it out, and seeing if you truly have what it takes to start down the path of professional wrestling. Those trying out are not committed or held to anything from that point on.

What days are training scheduled?
Right now training is held on Saturdays starting at 12:30pm.

Is training open to the public?
The answer is No! Those who are dedicted to train will have 100% attention devoted to them while they learn their craft. The NICW training staff is committed to training each of their future stars 100% without any outside distractions.

Can someone with professional wrestling experience further their training at the NICW Zoo?
Absoultey. If you are an individual that's already had some experience in professional wrestling and wish to further your knowledge. Please contact the NICW for more information.

Can anyone train to be a professional wrestler?
The short answer is yes, just as anyone can train to be a doctor. The reality is, being a Professoinal Wrestler and Professional Wrestling isn't for everyone. Each potential trainee is evaluated on such things as athletic ability, apptitude, size and skill.

What other training is offered?
We train more than just professional wrestlers. We train for the professional wrestling business which includes Managers, Valets, Referees and even Ring Announcers.

How long does it take for a person to train and be "ring ready"?
There is no set time when it comes to training to be a professional wrestler. Rushing your training can lead to serious injury and we just don't believe in that. Your saftey is most important while you train and once you are ready to get in the ring. We will let you know when you are ready, your long-term safety in the ring comes first!


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