About the NICW Zoo

The NICW Zoo-Pro Wrestling Academy is committed to training todays young men and women who desire to beome a part of the professional wrestling business. The NICW Zoo offers tryouts to give those interested in an idea of what pro wrestling is all about. If you decide to start the training program, the NICW Zoo has various payment methods and price brackets for the training. Keep in mind that there is unlimited training at "The Zoo" and there is no time frame on the length of training. We realize some people may progress faster than others and it's important to learn the right way so we dont look at training as a race.

Another plus to our unlimited membership is the fact that you can always come back to the training center anytime you want, even after you are fully trained, so that you can can continue to improve and develope or simply just to keep in good ring shape. So, in a way, it's kind of like a lifetime membership.

We do offer group discounts if there is a group of 2 or more people that start together at the school.

You must be at least 18 years of age to train at The Zoo and we do require you propper ID before tryouts take place.

The NICW Zoo-Pro Wrestling Academy also offers special rates for those who are currently in the wrestling business or have past training that want or need further training or a place to work out in the ring with experienced professionals.

What the NICW Zoo-Professional Wrestling Academy offers you:

  • Hands on training by experienced pro wrestling trainers.
  • Skills in the art & psychology of professional wrestling.
  • Lessons in cutting Promos, Interviews and Character Development.
  • Video review of your training sessions to review & critique your progress
  • A guarantee you will become a professional with your first match.
    (We wont let you wrestle until we know you are ready)
  • Unlimited training. There is no time limit on the training period.

*The NICW Zoo cannot promise anyone success or guarantee to make you into a star. We can, however, provide the tools & skills to go as far as your ability and desire will take you.. It is your own dedication, drive & determination that will be a factor in your level of success in the professional wrestling business.

If you have any further questions or want to schedule a tryout, feel free to contact the NICW Zoo-Pro Wrestling Academy today!



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